Our Story

Blue Power intends to power growth, prosperity and innovation through renewable energy. We will continue to explore innovative ways to provide more than 500 million people with safe, reliable and increasingly clean energy. Our employees and partners are dedicated to ensuring a bright future for Ghana and Sub-Sahara Africa through electricity.

Our Quest to power Sub- Sahara Africa with renewable energy is why research and innovation is key for us. Our experience in the continent enables us to adapt to local requirement and preferences; and our global expertise enables us to deliver global scale & advanced solar engineering skills. Our continuous research and innovation affords us the ability to integrate renewable resources and optimize our ability to generate electricity in the most efficient and cost-effective manner for our customers.

Unlike the rest of the world, Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa has sunlight 80% of the year and other forms of green natural resources, making this a great advantage for the use of solar power and green Energy in general