Our Goal

With industrialization and globalization, we envision that sub-Saharan Africa with its natural resources will be a big player in the world economy within the next 30 years. Power is a crucial aspect in the actualization of this economic growth. As a potential emerging market, it is imperative to have adequate electricity to support this industrialization. Blue Energy Power is positioned to deploy solar power to the communities without interference to agriculture and food stability.

Whilst we have strategic plans to generate renewable energy on a large scale, we also support and help to equip individuals and companies with the resources to generate renewable energy.

Our goal is to feed the National Grid (electricity transmission network) with electricity from renewable energy unit the energy source is 100% renewable energy. Blue Power Energy is committed to clean Energy and Sustaining the future one community at a time.

Blue Power aims in making cities more sustainable, eradicating Poverty and Hunger, combating Climate change, improving Health and Education whiles protecting our oceans and forest. BPE aims to achieve all of these goalswith the intent of having no one left behind.