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Blue Power works to drive Africa’s growth with solutions that transform energy consumption across the economy

Small Business

Small businesses in Ghana consume between 1.5kWh and 10kWh of energy daily and require solar systems of up to 2.5 kW.

Regular Energy Cost

With Blue Power

An average barbering shop with light, fan and clippers consumes at least 1.5kWh daily and pays GHS648 annually ($116)

GHC 388.8 / $69.6

An average seamstress shop with light, fan, sewing machine, and iron consumes at least 2.5kWh daily and pays GHS876 annually ($156)

GHC 525.6 / $93.6

An average corner shop with light, fan, TV, and refrigerator consumes at least 4.9kWh daily and pays GHS1,584 annually ($283)

GHC 950.4 / $169.8

An average hair salon with light, fan, and hairdryer consumes at least 9.9kWh daily and pays GHS3,000 annually ($536)

GHC 1800 / $321.6

Industrial Companies

  • There are approximately 1,265 industrial consumers who consume between 600kWh and 10,000 kWh a month
  • On average, each business consumes at least 5,000kWH a month and pays $16,500 in electricity bills annually.

By providing efficient solar systems, Blue Power helps industrial companies achieve stable energy costs and reliable power to boost production and improve revenue.

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