About Us

Blue Power Energy is an Energy Service Company specializing in Renewable Energy. Blue Power Energy is the first green electricity suppliers that specializes in green energy production.

Blue Power Energy is geared towards powering Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa’s ‘s economic growth through providing electricity. Healthy, vital communities are an essential part of our vision of creating a sustainable energy future for Ghana and Sub Saharan Africa.

In Northern Ghana, we are developing a large scale solar PV farms to provide electricity that will support NECO and in turn provide power to cover over sixty percent of the total land area of Ghana. We also generate power for Dapaong in Togo, as well as the border towns of Po, Leo and Yuoga in Burkina Faso.

The largescale PV farm is the 1st Utility-Scale Solar Energy Project in Bolgatanga – Northern Ghana. The PV farm is generating Enough Electricity For 50,000 Homes

We make solar power happen on green field and brownfield sites. As an independent Developer, we combine the very best locations, technology and partners for the creation of responsible and sustainable solar projects.

Our success is based upon the local connectivity of our developments, a ruthless focus on the quality of our operations, combined with international scale and cost competitiveness.